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Understanding the Mattress Industry

Three out of ten times, the cause of illnesses in people is due to sleep or the lack of it. Many people find it hard to get a good night’s sleep because of their mattress. This issue is what a lot of mattress industries try to correct.

Sectors in the Industry

The benefits that sleep brings are numerous. It makes sleeping on a lousy mattress to grasp the importance of sleep fully. A bad night of sleep can cause severe back pain, low productivity, and even moodiness.

Having this knowledge will help you appreciate the mattress industry and how it operates.

i. The Regulators

Like every other industry, there are regulators peculiar to the mattress industry. They ascertain that the prizes are the same across board. There are only a few of them.

ii. The Manufacturers

They are the most crucial part of the industry. They get all of the raw materials, put them together, and create the different types of mattresses there are.

iii. The Wholesalers

These guys get the mattresses directly from the manufacturers. They also add up their profit margin. It could be as much as 50%. So, if manufacturers sell to them at $700, they then resell at $1400.

They also include the cost of storing goods. They could either sell directly to the consumers during sales or resell to retailers.

iv. The Retailers

The retailers buy the mattresses and add their profit margins as well. By the time the beds get to you, they are almost triple the manufacturing price.  

How to Buy a Mattress

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If you are looking to buy a mattress, bear in mind that brand names are usually more expensive. You could buy from a local store or just go for a low brand one to reduce costs.

You could also opt for online mattress stores.

There are over 170 online mattress stores. You would agree that going from store to store and trying out different mattresses could be exhausting. You can as well go to an online store, state your specifications, and have it delivered to you to ease all of that. 

You have to be careful as most of the mattresses look alike, and because it is online, you cannot tell the difference. You also need to know the different types of typical mattresses there are. Knowing this would influence your decision and guide you.

Common Types of Mattresses

Having a basic knowledge of what you want and what your options are is essential. It makes decision making faster and shopping for a mattress a lot less stressful. Below is a list of the standard beds.

1. Memory Foam

This bed is everybody’s mattress. The reason is that it conforms to the shape of your body over time. The foam is also specially formulated to avoid sagging in the middle.

Take a look at how Dreamcloud mattress sleeps to know what an ideal memory foam should look like. The heat transfer and durability is top-notch.

2. Gel

Like the name sounds, a gel is added to the mattress support system. It helps to dissipate the body heat. It reduces the absorption of body heat by the mattress.

3. Pillow Tops

If you do not want memory foam, these are a great alternative. These pillow tops are extra additions to your mattress. It is the ideal bed for side sleepers. It cushions your hips and shoulders and gives a high level of comfort.

4. Innerspring

This type of mattress comes with an innerspring that gives the bed an extra bouncy feel. The types of innerspring mattresses vary based on the number of coils and their distribution. This mattress is suitable for the back, side, and tummy sleepers.

5. Water Bed

What makes these mattresses unique are their support systems. For this particular mattress, the support system is water. The water is usually padded with upholstery materials. The liquid could be free-flowing or waveless, and these have different uses and functions.

6. Air Bed

Just like for the water bed, the air bed is also the primary support system. The mattress is adjustable and ideal for people who need firmness in their mattresses.

7. Latex Mattresses

The foam used in making these mattresses are made from natural products. Memory foam, on the other hand, is made of synthetic products. The natural products used for latex mattresses make it less dense, and it absorbs less heat.

8. Adjustable Bases

These have been termed the most comfortable types of beds. Their bases can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.


The mattress industry has a lot of complexities and details. The next time you need to go mattress shopping, you might consider getting an expert.

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