SMARKETING? What is it?


What is it? What are these advantages over the company? And how do you set it up? Want to know more? Then this article is for you!

The term smarketing is the alignment between two collective teams that share the same company and set common goals, very specific in order to improve:

  • Supporting prospects and customers
  • The audience engagement
  • Techniques and the sales process

Among these teams we have: the marketing team and the sales team. Each has an important role to play. You’ll learn more about the benefits smarketing can bring to your business.

What are these benefits? And how do you set it up?

The salesman needs the marketing team and the marketing team alike. No one can go without the other with smarketing. Salespeople who are in constant contact with customers collect crucial information or data that will be used for the marketing team and also note this interesting information in a tool called RCMP (customer relationship management) that will facilitate the salesperson’s work. Salespeople are committed to taking charge of qualified leads that have been passed down by marketers.

Collect or collect as much data as possible from both sides and finally gather it together so that in the end it brings a satisfactory result. These are purely smarketing benefits given the engagement of hearings, the assumption of leads and the improvement of sales techniques and processes.

To set up a smarketing, you have to take into account these few lines below:

Creating a favourable climate between the sales team and the marketing team

Create a favourable climate between the sales team and the marketing team to make it more fluid with exchanges and the sharing of ideas. On those, organizing a meeting between them can be an excellent solution so that the desire to work as a team is more and more felt and that everyone can give his point of view and share his knowledge whether in the commercial or marketing aspects.

Set SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Temporary)

The sales team and marketing team must share common goals in order to obtain clear, accurate and achievable data. A whole bunch of questions are asked in order to find a quantitative solution but especially with quality.

Define an effective persona buyer to make customer segmentation easier

Defining the buyer persona is of great importance. Studying the persona buyer will allow you to have a lot of information about your client or prospect.

With the persona buyer you will be able to satisfy the customer’s needs since you have all the necessary information for this.