How to Quote a Commercial Cleaning Job

As the owner of an ‘office cleaning services in Milwaukee‘, your business success depends on your ability to give an excellent quote to potential customers. It helps increase your chance of getting more jobs. This article is solely centralized on how to bid on commercial cleaning jobs.

What are the Factors to be considered before Bidding on a Cleaning Job?

Creating a reasonable bid for a commercial cleaning job requires you to consider a lot of factors. These factors serve as your guide in making the best quote. An acceptable offer must be in favor of both the business owner and the client.

Attempting to guess or assuming what your bid should look like can lead to a loss. It can result in inefficient jobs. Therefore, to avoid this, you must carefully consider the following factors;

  • The Size of the Cleanable Area

One crucial factor you must critically consider is the size of the cleanable area. It is the size of the project that will determine the rate of the price. It will also determine the number of workers needed to get the work done.

As an experienced commercial cleaning business owner, you must understand the rate of workers needed per square foot. It helps you to make a reasonable bid for a particular area without stress. It is also an excellent way to convince your customer of your expertise and ability to effectively handle the project.

  • The Number of Time Cleaning Will Be Carried Out

Cleaning a commercial environment is not a one time job. A commercial environment like banks and offices that receives visitors regularly requires routine cleaning. As such, the amount of time cleaning is done either per day or per week should be considered. The quotation to be submitted must indicate the number of times cleaning will be carried out.

Likewise, the average cleaning time of a particular space should be considered. In most cases, the number of times per week and average cleaning time are determined by the customers. This task-based consideration will form the basis of your proposal, in case it is a monthly deal.

  • Number of Workers On-Site

For commercial cleaning service, it is usually not going to be a one-person task. Aside from the tools you are going to need for the cleaning. There is a need to deploy the necessary human power to carry out specific tasks. As such, considering the number of labor you will employ for the project should be part of your bidding.

The pay per person at the end of the task pay per hour should also be considered. It must also be considered alongside the number of times the cleaning has to be carried out. It is essential as it determines the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

What to Do to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Cleaning Job?

How to Quote a Commercial Cleaning Job

Bidding for a cleaning job, especially in a commercial place, comes with a lot of competition. There is a need for you to submit the best proposal with tempting offers. In an attempt to present the best quote to increase your chance of getting the job, you must be careful not to offer prices that will eventually affect the quality of the job carried out.

However, you can deploy several other tactics that give you an edge over other competitors. Those tactics will help portray you as a professional and expert in cleaning services. Some of the tactics include the following;

  • Offer A Special Service

A good business manager must know how to innovate special services effectively. Aside from the regular cleaning service, you must offer an outstanding and distinctive service.

The distinction might be in the amount of time needed to carry out the cleaning. It can also be the usage of special cleaning tools that efficiently and effectively carry out the cleaning.

  • Give Discounts

One way to assure your customer of your commitment to their priorities is by offering discounts. There is a need for you to have a different price for different levels of services provided.

The price change can be a difference in weekly prices and monthly prices. A few dollars can be forfeited to captivate the attention of customers.


It is necessary for cleaning business owners to learn how to bid on commercial cleaning jobs. Having the edge over other competitors depends on the uniqueness of your bids. Exceptional services and offering discounts go a long way to prove your professionalism.