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Brice Merino

I want to travel around the world. My biggest challenge was how would I ever get the money to finance my travels? My adventures are at most, very common and basic, scratch YouTube channel. Will I ever get a sponsor? No.

Then came the opportunity to create a passive income and my travels jumpstarted when I started to rake in income from my websites.

Looking back, I can say that without the passive income that I am getting right now through affiliate marketing and various channels, I will never be able to fulfil my dream of travelling.

Aimée Lépicier

A designer is supposed to let the mind go wherever it pleases in order to come up with concepts that are great. On the other hand, if you are always thinking where to get your next gig to fill your stomach then the mind wanders and creativity suffers. Thanks to the Passive income that I am getting, I no longer have to think of the next gig that I need to do in order to live.

Now my mind is free to explore designs that even I had not even imagined.

Isabel Hancock

I always believed that in order to grow further financially, you must establish a stable brick and mortar business to sustain you and your family. That is until I discover the joys of eCommerce.

Having a store is not just putting it up physically. The advent of technology allows us to establish stores even in the comfort of our own homes and have international market.

Wanna try it?

Noah Haynes

Art doesn’t always equate with money. Talent on many occassions was put on the backburn for lack of sustenance. Being a photographer, staying at the top of your game is tantamount to success but how will you ever accomplish it with an empty stomach?

Along comes Affiliate marketing and online stores. Now I can let myself be immersed with my art knowing that there is an international market that I can depend on for my sustenance.

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