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WARNING: Beware of Scammers!

  • Anyone contacting you claiming to be us from anywhere not in the official contact channels below may be scammers!
  • Do not believe any 'agents' or anyone claiming to be able to get you on for a payment! Only contact us directly.
  • Make sure you are talking to the correct accounts! Click on the links below to be sure! Our @RSGNFT account will never DM you first.
  • Payment requests from us will always be in an invoice page hosted on!
  • Give your community rarity rankings and tools!
  • Expose your project to NFT enthusiasts!
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Listings (with Rankings): Currently only 0.37 ETH!

If you would like to have your project listed with rankings on the current listing price is 0.37 ETH per project. This fee helps pay for the server costs for having your project on forever (as long as the site exists)

Contact Form for Listings with Rankings

If you are interested in our listing with rankings service (currently priced at 0.37 ETH), please:

  1. Make sure you've read the above explanations.
  2. Make sure you are willing to pay for the listing.
  3. Make sure your project does not contain pornographic/NSFW/illegal material.
  4. Fill the form below (answers can be edited after submission).
  5. Send a direct message on Twitter to @RSGNFT. Note that it is a separate account from our main Twitter account.