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Felixstowe Volunteer Coast Patrol and Rescue Service

A charity that provide an independent lifeboat facility. We actively patrol an area between Orford on the Suffolk coast, down to Hamford Water on the Essex coast.

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Top tips on taking beautiful boat pictures

It seems self-explanatory but it is sometimes overlooked. Doing the dishes, tidying the surfaces and making the beds will make your boat seem more inviting.

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How Boat Share Finder has helped the Steamship Freshspring

Steamship Freshspring Society is an education-focussed charity, which supports young people and volunteers of all ages.

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How Boat Share Finder has helped Sea changers

Since 2015, BoatShareFinder has been working to raise money for two charities, Sea-Changers and Freshsprings.

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Boat Sharing Essentials - Lists

A few months ago we had the great pleasure of talking to David Canning, from the Little Ship Club and his extensive and successful experiences in boat sharing spanning 19 years.

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A Share In Fear and Achievement

A Guest Blog by John Holmes of Fronline Solutions. John has a background both as an actor and in international law. He has lived and worked in Germany, Greece and Holland and holds a masters degree in International Business Law.

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6 ways to improve your Boat Share listing.

Boat Share Finder has been active for almost a year. In that time we have seen over 180 boats pass through our site and talked to numerous people at boat shows who have perused through the listings.

So we’ve gathered a good understanding of what strikes a chord with people looking for a boat share. With so many boats now up on our site, competition can be quite intense to grab the eye of prospects, so how do you get your boat standing out from the crowd? Read full post

18 Years of Boat Sharing - My Secrets to Making Sharing Work by David Canning.

We met at the London Boat Show. David, a long standing member of the Little Ship Club and was spending a day on their stand to promote them. During a conversation, David explained how he had been involved in Boat Sharing for several years, quite successfully. Read full post

The Potential of Boat Sharing in the Med

We met one of our Boat Sharers, Chris Sutton, at the London Boat Show 2015. He kindly agreed to give us a few minutes to talk about his own share scheme based in Spain, how it started and why it’s become such a passion. Read full post

How to prepare your boat for summer

After a long winter out of action, everyone is ready and raring to get back out on the water. The tarps and covers are being pulled back; harbours are filling up and boat crews are launching into action. Read full post

Boat Share Finder debuts at the East Anglian Boat Show

Excitement is building as we prepare for our first Boat Show. Leaflets are being printed, shirts are being embroidered and arrangements are being made in a flurry of emails and skype calls as our ‘virtual’ team pulls out all the stops. Read full post

Sun, Sea and Skin Care

After one of the hottest days of the year so far, the boaters and sailors amongst us are no doubt planning their next outing on the water. Whether that’s exploring the open waves or just moored up hosting a friendly get together, there’s plenty of opportunities on the horizon for you to take it all in.
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Why Boat Sharing Makes Sense

Owning a boat might seem like a distant dream. We’ve all walked down the side of a marina on holiday, looking longingly at the yachts bobbing up and down; jealously watching the tanned, happy people laughing on board. Well with the help of Boat Share Finder, that dream can become a reality. Read full post

All Aboard

Welcome to Boat Share Finder. You’ve found us, now I suppose you want to know a little more about what we do and who we are. Read full post

Embrace the Concept of Boat Sharing

We are taught from a young age that it’s good to share; as we grow older though, we seem less inclined to embrace the concept. Not any more it seems. The growth of fractional ownership and collaborative consumption, two very ‘grown up’ takes on sharing, are shaping the way consumers look at asset ownership. Read full post