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Now everyone can own a boat affordably by just buying a 'share'...

Enjoy the joy of a boat for a fraction of the cost.
Save money by sharing the upkeep and mooring costs.
Meet new friends to sail and discover the fun of sailing together.
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About us

Our philosophy

Boat Share Finder is a collaborative project developed by a group of sailing enthusiasts who believe that the pleasures of boating should be accessible to everyone. Whether you enjoy water skiing behind a speed boat, meandering gently through the Norfolk Broads or conquering the open seas; boating has something for everyone.

Living the dream however, is not always quite so simple. Buying a boat is often expensive, upkeep can be onerous and time to get out on the water can be elusive!

The growth of fractional ownership, that is purchasing a share in a sizable asset be it a holiday villa or a race horse, seems the obvious answer to trouble-free boat ownership. The notion of ‘sharing’ an asset, like a boat, is laudable and, we believe, offers the ideal opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

Boat Share Finder

The idea is simple. Boat Share Finder is a portal bringing together existing boat owners and aspiring boat owners to buy and sell shares in all types of vessels quickly and easily.

Whether you are interested in part owning a £1m luxury cruiser, a narrow boat or a small sailing dinghy; the Boat Share Finder website provides a market place for like-minded people to connect and ultimately to buy and sell boat shares.

Boat Share Finder is a social enterprise we don't charge for our service - instead we ask you to donate and support one of the amazing marine causes on the home page - your money goes straight to them - we're interested in helping charities who don't have big overheads raise money and their profile - simple! If you know a good marine cause that we could help please let us know.